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Zenphoto Error

MySQL Error: Zenphoto could not connect to the database server.Check your zp-config.php file for the correct host, user name, and password.Note that you may need to change the host from localhost if your web server uses a separate MySQL server, which is common in large shared hosting environments like Dreamhost and GoDaddy.Also make sure the server is running, if you control it.


   in db_connect (functions-db.php [70])
     in query (functions-db.php [126])
       in query_full_array (functions.php [110])
         in getOption (functions.php [47])
           in require_once (functions-db.php [11])
             in require_once (auth_zp.php [9])
               in require_once (classes.php [12])
                 in require_once (template-functions.php [16])
                   in require_once (index.php [15])